Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Link Building Specialist!

Whatever they have to call it, its where we excel the most!
I wouldn't have a high rate if I ain't great about what I do, right?

Building links is still spamming! They do classify these things though. People in the SEO industry call it link-building if you post your website links to related websites, forums or sections of the forums. But if you however just insert links everywhere then they call this spamming. And could result to search engine penalization.

Inserting links everywhere usually don't succeed especially to those who don't know the rules of the websites. You will be banned in the forum in no time if this is what you are going to do, worse is that your email will be listed in STOP FORUM SPAM, making it hard for you to register to some websites/forums. Websites administrators implement different rules and you as a user need to follow their rules before you can successfully go through and this is where we're good at.

Me and my associates have the good reason to claim we're the best combatant spammer in the world and we can post hundreds of your links to forums without getting warned nor banned. And this is because what we do isn't illegal at all.

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